Sets, Bulk + Make Your Own

The World’s First Double Phtalo Green

A transparent, highly lightfast paint and a wonderful colour match to magenta this is the world’s first double phthalo green.

Created by Richard Lenn, produced by Isaro and currently only available in our first curation.

The Curation of Theory and Practice

Image magnified to show detail. Tubes are 6cm in height and 2cm wide.

Learn, experiment and make beautiful colour mixes. This curation is both an introduction to the gorgeous Isaro watercolour paints and a solid foundation to the understanding of colour, paint and pigments.

This set includes 6 tubes of 7ml Belgian handmade watercolour paint:

  • Ultramarine Blue – Violet Blue Sulfur (PB29)
  • Phtalo Blue – Blue Phthalocyanine (PB15:3)
  • Double Phthalo Green – Green Phthalocyanine (PG36) + Blue Green Phthalocyanine (PG7)
  • Isaro Yellow Light – Yellow Benzimidazolone (PY154)
  • Pyrrol Orange – Red Orange Pyrrole (PO73)
  • Isaro Rose – Violet Red Quinacridone (PR122)

A curation can be many things, but mostly it is a reason.

RIchard Lenn

The Curation of Yours

Curation Box – 115mm x 70mm x 40mm

Teaching painting? Got a studio? Run an art group? Professional development? Just love Belgian paint?

We are delighted to bring you the opportunity to create your own customised curation of the wonderful 7ml Isaro watercolours tubes. This is the first time that such an opportunity for professional quality artist paint has been so broadly available.

Do you want an Isaro curation of your very own? Here are the details.

  • Curations are made up from the 62 Isaro colours.
  • Curations come in small cardboard boxes (internal dimensions – 100mm x 60mm x 35mm) that snuggly fit one layer of 6 paints (see above). A second layer may be added for a maximum of 12 paints.
  • Curations must be ordered as a minimum quantity of 15 sets (boxes).
  • Curation pricing will be determined by the individual paints ordered.
  • Payment must be in full at the time of invoicing and will include postage charges from Belgium.
  • Curations require a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Similarly, if you are a practicing / professional artist who may not need the structure of a curation, but could use particular colours in larger quantities, we do that too!

To get started, send a note with your desired list of Isaro paints and any other details to – hello AT isaro DOT com DOT au and we’ll go from there.

We look forward to curating paint with you!

The List of Single Pigments

the natural inorganic single pigments

the synthetic inorganic single pigments







the natural organic single pigments

the synthetic organic single pigments





metal complexes