Watercolour Paint. Belgium Handcrafted. This Is Isaro.

The entire range of Isaro watercolours has been developed to give maximum transparency to the colours. Addtionally, the ingredients in the composition of the binder are all carefully selected.

Gum arabic varies in colour from very pale yellow to dark brown – the gum darkens on contact with the tannin in acacia bark. It is essential for Isaro to select a top quality acacia gum which, when dissolved in water, gives a clear solution to protect the luminosity of the pigments.

Glycerine and honey are added in very precise proportions to ensure the paste remains supple. A single-flower acacia honey was chosen, as good quality honey of this type is very clear.

The artist comes first and Isaro will grow and evolve with that principle in mind. I think that offering artists a quality product is the best way to be recognized. And so, I want to remain in close touch with the production of my colours because it’s the very essence of my profession. I am available for artists to answer questions by mail.

Isabelle Roelofs
isabelle.roelofs AT isaro DOT be

Belgium Handcrafted
Watercolour Paint.

This Is Isaro.

Welcome from Isabelle

My great-great-grandfather, Willem Roelofs, was a painter. You can see his painting in the Netherlands (Rijksmuseum and Gemmentemuseum), Belgium (Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium), France (Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Lille) and his works are also exhibited in Brazil.

His son, my great grandfather, Albert Roelofs, was also a painter. He taught painting to Crown Princess Juliana from the Netherlands. At the beginning of the 20th Century he founded a small factory with his friends, including a chemist, where they made oil colours.

Albert’s knowledge as a discerning artist stood him in good stead for making quality oil colours which soon gained an enviable reputation amongst the members of artistic community. Albert died in 1920 at the age of 43, but the company continued until 1980 under the founding members and Albert’s son, my grandfather. My father helped my grandfather for a few years, moving the paint factory to Belgium where my father now lived.

It’s been 10 years since I created colours for artists. I think I have acquired, over the years, a rich expertise of experiences. I’ve worked with classical pigments (cadmium, cobalt, iron oxide …), modern pigments (quinacridones, dioxazine, DPP …) and historical pigments (cochineal, true indigo, smalt, azurite).

Welcome from Richard

I’m frequently fascinated with the names of things and you might have noticed some of the paints on this website have less familiar titles.

This is because I’ve listed the stunning Isaro watercolour paints by the pigments that have been used to make them. Similarly, all of the traditional “earth” colours are described by their hue. Over time I’ve found this is a more consistent and informed way to understand paint choices. But fear not! Each product page has details about the paint you are ordering including the full Isaro paint name. The complete reference list is below.

To my knowledge, this is the first initiative of its’ kind in the world to sell paint in this way and I hope that it opens the world of colour, pigments and paint up to you in new ways.

I’m also thrilled to bring you the world’s first “Double Phthalo Green” – a combination of the two phthalocyanine greens (PG36 and the slightly more blue PG7). It’s a lovely transparent, highly lightfast paint and wonderful colour match to magenta. Cool name too! At this time, it’s available exclusively in our first curation.

We are currently only shipping within Australia. You can contact me for any administrative or order enquiries. Send all technical or paint enquires to Isabelle at the above address. We do not currently have an offering for retail outlets and this is our privacy policy.

I am delighted to bring you Isabelle’s paints and to be able to add my own little touch your painting journey. Welcome to Isaro.

Richard Lenn
hello AT isaro DOT com DOT au

The complete reference list of pigment names used on this website and the equivalent Isaro paint that you will receive in your order.

Red Violet Sulfur = Ultramarine Pink
Red Violet Quinacridone = Isaro Mauve
Violet Sulfur = Ultramarine Mauve
Violet Dioxazine = Isaro Purple Deep
Blue Violet Anthraquinone = Indanthrene Blue

Violet Blue Sulfur = Ultramarine Blue
Blue Cobalt = Cobalt Blue
Blue Phthalocyanine = Phtalo Blue
Blue Iron = Prussian Blue
Violet Blue + Blue + Orange = Indigo Blue
Violet Blue + Black = Payne’s Grey
Violet Blue + Red Orange + Mica = Icy Lake
Green Blue Cobalt = Cerulean Blue
Blue Green + Blue = Turquoise Green
White + Green Blue + Mica = Eternal Summit

Blue Green Chromium = Emerald Green
Blue Green Phthalocyanine = Phtalo Green
Green Phthalocyanine = Phtalo Green Yellow
Yellow Green Chromium = Chromium Oxide Green
Green + Yellow = Isaro Green Light
Blue Green + Yellow + Red Violet = Olive Green

Green Yellow Cadmium = Cadmium Yellow Lemon
Green Yellow Metal Complex = Chartreuse Yellow
Yellow Titanium = Nickel Yellow
Yellow Benzimidazolone = Isaro Yellow Light
Yellow Cadmium = Cadmium Yellow Light
Yellow Iron = Yellow Ochre
Yellow Natural [Middle] = Raw Sienna
Yellow Natural [Dark] = Raw Umber
Yellow + Brass = Star Dust
Mica = Gold
Orange Yellow Cadmium = Cadmium Yellow Deep
Orange Yellow Iron = Mars Brown Light
Yellow + Red Orange = Indian Yellow

Yellow Orange Isoindolinone = Saffron Yellow
Red Orange + Yellow = Isaro Yellow Deep
Orange Cadmium = Cadmium Orange
Orange Natural = Burnt Umber
Red Orange Pyrrole = Pyrrole Orange
Red Orange Iron = Oxide Orange
Red Orange Natural = Burnt Sienna
Red Orange + Violet Blue + Mica = Steel Blue

Orange Red Pyrrole = Scarlett Red
Orange Red Iron = Mars Red
Red Cadmium = Cadmium Red Light
Red Pyrrole = Isaro Pyrrole Red
Red Iron = English Red
Deep Red Quinacridone = Magenta
Deep Red Pyrrole = Pyrrole Red Deep
Deep Red Cadmium = Cadmium Red Deep
Deep Red Perylene = Perylene Red
Deep Red Iron = Venetian Red
Deep Red + Red + Mica = Coppery Red
Violet Red Quinacridone = Isaro Pink
Violet Red Iron = Oxide Purple
Violet Red + Copper = Imperial Moon

Black Natural = Lamp Black
Black + Yellow + Deep Red = Sepia
Black + Violet Red = Van Dijck Brown
Mixed Grey + Yellow Green = Isaro Grey Light
Mixed Grey + Mica = Sylver Sky
White Titanium = Titanium White