The Curation of Theory and Practice


Learn, experiment and make beautiful colour mixes with this collection that is both an introduction to the gorgeous Isaro watercolours and a solid foundation to the understanding of colour, paint and pigments.

6 tubes of 7ml Belgian handmade watercolour paint.

  • Violet Blue Sulfur (PB29) – Ultramarine Blue
  • Blue Phthalocyanine (PB15:3) – Phtalo Blue
  • Green Phthalocyanine (PG36) + Blue Green Phthalocyanine (PG7) – Double Phthalo Green
  • Yellow Benzimidazolone (PY154) – Isaro Yellow Light
  • Red Orange Pyrrole (PO73) – Pyrrol Orange
  • Violet Red Quinacridone (PR122) – Isaro Rose

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